DMM offers a complete range of trading Instruments

Visit us and we will let you have the best forex trading experience by assisting you at each level including how to start, updating you on the price fluctuations and more. Try your hands on forex trading with the world’s most trusted financial market experts. Get in touch with our experts for trading today!


At DMM, you get unlimited access to currency market 24*5 as the market is live 5 days a week. Being the most liquid market, forex market witnesses an estimated exchange worth $5 trillion daily. With us, you can trade the most preferred pairs that include all the major, minor and exotic currency pairs.

Spot Metals

By trading spot metals, you can make good profits. Trust DMM for trading precious metals such as silver and gold which is a great alternative if you want to get a different feel while trading. At a time when the market is highly volatile and uncertain, it is the metals that are traders’ favorite as they are considered among the safest assets.

Stock Trading

You love stock trading, we know that and offer all that you need to extract the most out of it. Trust DMM to make profits from the rise and fall in the company’s value and ace stock trading like no other can.

Share CFDs

Looking forward to gaining shares of some of your all time favorite companies? If yes, DMM is the perfect platform for you. Get in touch and access the huge world of stock market with us. DMM provides real time feed from two of the largest stock exchanges that are NYSE and NASDAQ. If this is not great, what else is?

CFDs on Indices

Explore the global market with DMM and trade CFDs on indices of your choice. DMM is a one-stop shop for different indices from around the world and allows traders to get an overview of all the popular indices from different countries.

CFDs on Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have taken the global market by storm. Trade all the popular cryptocurrencies against the US dollar that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,and Ripple CFDs with DMM and ride the digital wave like never before. Don’t miss your golden chance to try this alternative trading option which is making the world go gaga over it!

CFDs on Commodities

Commodities are among the most ancient tradable items. With time, the market changed and so did the mode of trading. After the introduction of online trading, commodities trading is among the most practiced online tradings. DMM allows traders to trade on the price movements of all the popular items that include oil and gas products.

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