Stock Trading

Now, you can trade stocks with us and get profit from a positive shift in the company’s value over time. The rise in company’s value directly influences its stocks and benefits traders. Depending on your trading style and choice, you can keep the stocks held for a long period and gain larger profits.

We offer stocks from the world’s leading companies such as Apple, Facebook, Alphabet and more that offer the most popular technology stocks known as ‘Growth Stocks’. Considering the fact that new technologies are being developed and introduced on a daily basis, one can expect a higher return by trading stocks from these companies. The demand for technology is going to only grow in future, isn't it?

Stock Trading & Stock CFD Trading

Stock trading and stock CFD trading are two different ways to make profit from the stock market movements. In case of trading stocks, a trader has to own the underlying stock of the company they are willing to invest in; while in Stock CFD, a contract is made based on the speculations of the entry and exit values of the stock. CFD traders look forward to benefiting themselves from the movements without actually owning it while stock traders make profit from the shares they own.

Why Should You Trade Stocks?

  • Stocks know no time limits. Unlike Stock CFDs, there is no such predefined time limit in case of stocks.
  • You can avail quick profits by trading stocks. However, you must also keep the chances of quick losses in mind.
  • Stocks tend to move independently. It means that at a time when other instruments are not doing well, stocks may still help you gain profits.
  • They offer greater flexibility.

Reasons To Prefer Us

At DMM, you get the best possible trading experience with our top-notch trading platforms that are MT4 and MT5. Reach us to trade stocks using these platforms on your PC or mobile. You can download them from our website or use the WebTrader platform that requires no download. Alternatively, you can use our mobile platforms and trade simply from your phone. Our highlights are:

  • Multilingual support with 30+ different languages
  • Useful educational resources
  • Regular webinars
  • Transparency
  • Safety and security

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