Spot Metals

DMM facilitates gold and silver trading with leading trading platforms.

Precious metals are among the most traded items that offer great profit. In ancient times, it was gold and silver that was running the market. People used to exchange these metals for the goods they needed. With time, it went through a lot of improvisations and is being traded online these days. We offer the following spot metals:


Trading metals is among the safest modes of trading. Needless to mention, precious metals are hardly affected by economic and political scenarios going on in the country. Who wouldn’t like to trade assets that are safe from factors like inflation? Trade spot metals with us and feel at peace.

Why Should You Trade Spot Metals?

Metal trading can be a perfect option for you if you don’t like taking risks. Spot metals should be your priority because:

  • They offer better protection against inflation.
  • You can use them for portfolio diversification.
  • They offer great liquidity.
  • Transaction costs are low.
  • Easy and convenient trading.

About Spot Metal Trading

As mentioned above, the process includes exchanging a spot metal which may be gold or silver for a currency. For instance, you can choose to trade gold against the US Dollar (XAUUSD) or silver against the Euro (XAGEUR). This type of trading is one of the simplest forms of trading. For trading spot metals, traders go through the long term and short term price charts for metals and trade according to the market movements.

Why Us?

You must reach us for trading spot metals as:

  • You get to feel like home with our multilingual platforms.
  • We are globally regulated and licensed.
  • Your funds are safe and secured.
  • We keep things transparent.
  • Everything from performance analysis to requote and order execution is available on your fingertips.

We offer MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 that are the industry-leading trading platforms. Download MT4 and MT5 for your PC or directly trade spot metals using the WebTrader version. You can also try our mobile trading platform and trade metals online.

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