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Trade Shares With Us

By choosing to trade in share CHDs, you get access to the stock market of some bigger, more popular names such as Amazon. You will be trading against the fluctuations without actually owning the physical shares.

CFDs offer a great amount of flexibility; they offer better accessibility and can be traded in bear as well as bear markets which places them among the most preferred options. At DMM, you get access to 120+ share CFDs for US based companies. You can choose from the leading companies like Apple, Cisco and more.

Introduction To Share CFDs

A CFD or Contract for difference is an agreement made between two parties over the price movements. Coming to share CFDs, the seller has to pay the different amount of the current share price and that at the time of the contract to the buyer. So, you are simply dealing with the price fluctuations, and not the stock. You don’t have to actually make an investment.

Why Should You Trade CFDs?

  • Choose trading hours as per your convenience
  • Real time data available
  • Safety
  • Excellent option for portfolio diversification

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