Protection of funds

Security is one of our major concerns. We strictly adhere to all rules and ensure protection of investment. DMM International is committed to providing a trustworthy and secure trading environment. We have achieved the trust of traders. They experience peace of mind after working with our secure services. We isolate the client’s fund and deposit them in separate banking institutions. We never utilize the funds for any investment or other purpose. DMM International has also entered into partnership with several banks for smooth functioning.

Infallible encryption techniques

DMM International has adopted the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) network security protocol. Entire communication with the clients is secured. Both client’s personal information and transaction details are kept private. Our stringent identification and authentication policies ensure delivery of data to appropriate server and customer terminal. Entire data is encrypted to intercept data theft or any unauthorized access by third parties. We ensure the data is not tampered during the process of transmission.

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