Performance statistics

DMM International is an established player of Forex trading. Our performance statistics are properly verified and published. We aim to spread awareness about the Forex industry. Simply resetting the industry standards and benchmarks is not our sole goal. Clients are entitled to receive transparent services and we keep them acquainted with the latest developments. The customer service of DMM International is lauded for being exemplary.

DMM International is fully committed to ensure the satisfaction of clients. We often cross our normal limits and extend clients the help for which they are entitled for. It is our duty to bring optimal trading experience for the clients. We keep the entire process user-friendly in the process of bringing optimal experience. In no case DMM International would disappoint you Whether it is client funding processing or approval.
DMM International is known for delivering impeccable trading experience through its swift order execution speed. Our team fully understands the importance of lightning fast speed especially in online trading.
DMM International aims for best execution and doesn't just help with requested pricing. We are happy to share the news that most of the DMM International have received better pricing, credit for which should be given to positive slippage.
DMM International always assists clients to choose the most relevant strategy manager. The live ranking of finest performers is also shared by us. Our clients always work confidently. It is because they know that information shared with them is reliable and accurate.

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