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Forex trading, being among the most popular forms of trading, allows traders to get profit from fluctuating prices of all the popular currencies. It is also known as Currency Trading and often mentioned as Forex. Forex traders buy currency pairs and sell them using a broker that works as intermediary between the buyer and the seller. Apart from facilitating the transaction process, the broker also helps with all the recent updates, ongoing price movements, market conditions and more. Isn’t it great to stay well informed and make decisions that really work? This is what we do at DMM. We allow access to efficient tools for real-time analysis, useful educational resources and market commentary from our experts to support traders with their trading trading strategies. Trading with us is nothing of a hassle.

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  • Nobody owns the market.
  • Low minimum deposits.
  • Low transaction costs.
  • High volume and liquidity.

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You must prefer us for:

  • Multilingual webinars
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Access to educational articles and videos
  • Regulated and licensed
  • Efficient Trading platforms

We offer the world’s most efficient trading platforms that are MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. Depending on your choice and convenience, you can try the app version or directly use the WebTrader on your PC. DMM also offers mobile trading. Download our app and start trading on your fingertips!

Forex is always traded in pairs known as currency pairs in which, the first currency is known as base currency and the latter as quote currency. The traders buy one currency and sell the other to make profit. So, it depends on the rise and drop of both the currencies in relation to each other. These pairs may further be classified in three categories that are major, minor and exotic currency pairs:
These are the most preferred pairs and also the most liquid ones. Many of these include USD with EUR/USD and USD/JPY being the common ones. Other popular major pairs are EUR/GBP and EUR/JPY.
This category includes the less popular pairs that include major currencies. Two of the popular pairs are AUD/CHF and EUR/NZD.
Next in the category is Exotic Currency Pairs. These are not as popular as the above two and contain one major currency combined with one of a developing economy. Examples are EUR/PLN and USD/TRY.

There are many factors that play an important role in determining the value of a currency. These factors include the nation's economic health, interest and inflation rates, political stability, debt levels etc. Usually, the greatest volatility is observed after an important political or economic announcement.

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